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Tony Ventura

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Toney all Original Music....so far.  All instuments, Midi editing, and recordings by Toney.

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A week in Holland mid April 2008 with Chicago Mike and the         



  Toney, Jeremy, Eibe, & Chicago Mike
Saturday, April 12,2008 Harmelen, Holland






Sunday, April 13,2008 Tiel, Holland


Toney on Holland Radio with Jaap Hoek

Tuesday, April 15,2008


  Amsterdam. What a great town






October at the Grand Canyon with...who else.



Stopped in Santa Fe on the way








Toney, Mike, and

Avacado, Author of Postpotatolater






Toney at Sundance 2007

Park City Utah






Chicago Mike and Toney

Toney and Chicago Mike and Toney Solo at the Spur



St. Stephens Blues

In 2005 Toney joined the ranks of St. Stephen's Blues Band with Legendary Guitarist and band leader Robbie Stokes along with some of the finest musicians Southern Illinois has to offer, including Charlie Morril on Drums, Chris Miller on Keyboards, Ed Gruenwald on bass followed by James Layman and Master Boss Toots-Kevin Cox on vocals and sax.


My good friend Chicago Mike called and asked if could fill in an empty slot for part of his European tour. So...off I went to Zermatt, Switzerland for six shows with,

Chicago Mike's Big Eyed Beans From Venus International

Picture of the band for the first 3 shows.

Boy (Holland): Drums, Mitch (Toronto,Canada): Bass&Guitar, Angelo (Papperla Pub DJ),

ToneyV(USA): Guitar,Bass,&Vocals, and "Da Mang" Chicago Mike


Toney Music:


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